About us

DoorCandybyMeg creates handmade, hand painted burlap door hangers.  We pride ourselves as the home of the original flat burlap door hanger! We love glitter, ribbons, feathers, pom-poms and more!  We strive to create a product that is not your average door hanger! After many years of trial and error, we formulated our very own 14 step process to create flat burlap door hangers. If you can dream it, DoorCandybyMeg can create it.

Our business started from the winter blahs that follow after all the Christmas decorations are taken down and you are left with gray days and a plain door.  All it took was a spark of imagination, paint and some burlap and DoorCandybyMeg was born!

Each of our original design pieces are created by Meg Januski and her two daughters, Sarah and Megan. We offer a wide variety of seasonal designs as well as pieces that can be used all year long! Every piece of DoorCandy is weather resistant and designed for both indoor and outdoor use! As we always say, “Life is too short to have a plain door!"