Everything You Need to Know About Burlap Door Hangers

Hi, y'all!

Have you ever wondered, what exactly is Door Candy?!

Wait no longer! The answers are here!

DoorCandybyMeg Burlap Door Hangers are.....

• Weather resistant! We recommend laying or hanging your door hanger flat after rain to keep your #doorcandy lookin' it's best! Our customers are thrilled with how well our door hangers hold up to the elements.

• Designed for outdoor & indoor use! Because life is too short to have ANY plain doors, am I right?! 

• A wreath alternative! Our burlap door hangers are a trendy and easy to store alternative to your average wreath. They're easy to change out and simply store on a hanger in your closet. 

• Perfect for your door because it doesn't scratch, scrape, or bang against it! Dog Moms, THIS IS FOR YOU!! Say goodbye to the days of your dogs barking ALL day long when your wreath bangs on your door. 

• Ready to hang anywhere!! Think front doors, side doors, back doors, garage doors, porches, & more!! Leave us a comment with ideas of where else you could hang your #doorcandy! 

• Customizable!  Think colors, sports teams and more. We open for custom orders periodically throughout the year. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to know when we open for custom orders. Check out our custom orders page for some inspiration. 

• Handpainted and handmade with love in #kentucky by myself and my two daughters. It's a family affair, y'all! 💕




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